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October 31, 2013 karinawp No comments exist

Chinese Teacher 3 Teacher 3 is a graduate from BLCU (Beijing Language and Culture University). She has been teaching Chinese for 3 years. Her students are all adults, some with no language experience, while others are already quite fluent. She does not hold a TCFL certificate, because, currently, the training for the official certificate has…

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 Chinese Teacher 2 Teacher 2 has taught English to Chinese students for 17 years. She holds a TCFL certificate. Her teaching role is split in two – Teacher Trainer and Chinese Teacher. T2 uses a Chinese concept to describe her attitude to teaching students: “因材施教/yin1cai2shi1jiao4“。(Different students, require different teaching methods). Regarding developments within the TCFL…

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I am interested in learning more about Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. So I wrote a short questionnaire and sent it to my Chinese teacher friends. 我对对外汉语教学感兴趣。所以我写了一个简单的问卷。然后我把它给我的汉语老师朋友。