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April 7, 2015 karinawp 2 comments

大家好!欢迎说听瑞娜说中文! 今天我用数字化联系中文。 首先我用手机自我录制。 然后我用imovie放个图片。 最后,我用一个字幕网站加字幕。 (不好意思,我做一个错误。‘英文字幕’=中文字幕 。‘中文字幕’=英文字幕。很抱歉!) 有VPN的人也可以在YouTube看! 额外资源 读(英文)中国人对纪录片的反应 我的字幕我在dotsub做的。下次会用Amara。后来告诉你们那个是最好的。

March 17, 2015 karinawp No comments exist

In this interview I chat about learning and teaching Chinese with Piero Costa, co-founder of online Chinese learning platform Linguese (by Orientalmente). Check out the video to know more about Piero’s: – learning and teaching background – experience doing a Masters in TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) – decision to launch an…