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World of Chinese/Tsinghua University Full Summer Scholarship Competition

World of Chinese magazine competition. Full Chinese language summer scholarship at Tsinghua University. Only catch – you must be a beginner…I entered anyway! No…I didn’t win…I didn’t match the criteria! (Source:

Important Chinese Things on ChinesePod

Watch: President Obama’s First-Ever Tumblr Q&A

whitehouse: whitehouse: President Obama is answering your questions on education and college affordability in his first-ever Tumblr Q&A today. Tune in right here at 4 p.m. ET, and make sure to follow us @whitehouse. Happening now. Watch → Education, education, education. US-style.


成为 好老师有什么秘诀? 需要: - 激情 - 知识 - 有耐心 有激情: 我是个很好奇的人。我喜欢学不知道的事。我喜欢跟陌生人打交道。很容易跟陌生人相处。我喜欢分享知识。我很激情。我很激情的教英语。我尽力负责让学习英语容易简单和很好玩儿。 知识: 为了成为好老师你需要很深了解你的专业。不但教学内容而且教学方式。 有耐心:好老师实现,有的学生很快明白,有的学生很慢明白,有的学生喜欢这个方式学习,有的学生喜欢那个方式学习。 成为好老师有什么秘诀?


LEARN>EXPERIENCE>TEACH turned 1 today! 今天我的博客是1岁。 祝你生日快乐!祝你生日快乐!

Study Chinese Progress – One Year On

Writing Chinese characters…one year on. There are some clear peaks and troughs visible on the annual graph. I was travelling last summer, and since Christmas have failed to maintain a consistent flow. However, now that the 1000-character barrier is in sight – I will make an extra effort to reach the finish line. (Well, technically Read More …

GoAnimate! Unfinished cartoon

GoAnimate! This is a still of me and my Latin teacher in a GoAnimate cartoon. As soon as I master adding hair, shoes etc., I will post the video!

Teaching English in China – Reading Resources

Seeing Red In China Blog, Is Teaching English in China a Waste of Time? ELT in China and a “China English” Model, Mingjun Lu, 2007 Exploring a Summer English Camp Experience in China: A Descriptive Case Study, Feb 2006 Assessment Policy Change in Relation to English Language Teaching and Learning in China: A Study of Read More …

My Learning Style

There is no scientific evidence, as of yet, that shows that people have specific, fixed learning styles or discrete intelligences, nor that students benefit when teachers target instruction to a specific learning style or intelligence. However, providing students with multiple ways to learn content has been shown to improve student learning (Hattie, 2011) According to the Read More …