Interview with Carolina, English Specialist Kindergarten Teacher

英语专业幼儿园老师, 来自厄瓜多尔的丽娜,让我采访她。很有意思的小故事!


- 父亲对他的未来预测

- 决定在早期教育工作的原因

- 在厄瓜多尔与中国教育之间的差别

- 打算打开年轻与动员网上学校


In this interview I chat about learning and teaching with Carolina, an Ecuadorian native and happy, English Specialist kindergarten teacher.

Listen to the audio to learn more about Carolina’s:

– father’s prediction about her future

– decision to teach in early education

– examples of the differences between teaching in Ecuador & China

– ambition to open an online school for young athletes.

For friends outside of China, watch the video on YouTube here.

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